2011 m. kovo 4 d., penktadienis


Today was cool day for me :) Nothing special but Im so happy today. After school i went to city center with friends and have drunk banana drama in coffee inn. mmm. Later went to art school. Had loooot laught !
sorry, i don't speak eanglish very well. I still have to learn a lot :>

6 komentarai:

  1. How are you today?
    My blog will be re-established.
    Even so, I will often come to visit your blog.

  2. today im fine. but little bit cold ;s it's snowing outside :o
    what about you?
    thanks for visiting my blog !

  3. wow ..... snow ... Orz
    In Taiwan there is no snow,Only when the low-temperature special report,Have snow falling in the high mountains,But the few opportunities.

    Have the opportunity to snow in the mountains of Taiwan is Hehuashan.

  4. wow. In Lithuania snow durning all winter :ss
    photos are beutiful

  5. I am a business trip next Monday,Expected to more than 10 days.
    During this time I do not have computers,I do not want to use the company computer access,
    So ,I will not be able to see your beautiful photos.^^
    But ,the end of my work, I went back home. palindrome immediately to your blog. OK?
    I wish you beautiful.

  6. don't worry, it's Ok :)
    have a good trip ;)