2011 m. kovo 30 d., trečiadienis

nai nai nai nobody reads my blogg :DD.
ah who cares I can to talk to myself. (Im crazy as hell)
happy becouse holidays are coming and have bought new converses! light pink (pale). Love them.
blah blah nothing to say. inlove again, fuck it :(
love AIR and also this song. and my mood:

2011 m. kovo 25 d., penktadienis

omg I love 60s and 70s especially fashion. Then girls was very beautiful. I love hippies, retro style, it's very impressive. Fantastic, It's fun, sexy and lovely fashion!
I love 60s, I want peace in the world and I almost don't eat meat. (only chicken). Go veg! go hippies!

peace ha

2011 m. kovo 24 d., ketvirtadienis

hey guys!
Hum I really don't have what to say, now just cillin' at home and going to wach gossip girl  ;pp
thanks to my friend Ugne to made that picture for me.

Yeah I'm crazy for pictures of galaxy :D

2011 m. kovo 21 d., pirmadienis

Today i painted a lot haha.
I'm really mad for arts ;p love to draw paint and other stuff and also I love to go to art school! heh
any more what to say
cha only lithuanian singer who I like :s

2011 m. kovo 17 d., ketvirtadienis

ah i hate school. I hate homework. I'm tired :xx I want holiday :( waiting for april

But in april I'm coming to Germany! can't wait! :>
We are going to visit Berlin, Heide park and a looot of shops! Hope to buy new vans <3

2011 m. kovo 10 d., ketvirtadienis


Whaha tomorow I will go to my village! mhh fresh air, animals, forest and freedom. Sometimes i like weekends like that. :)
I feel spring yet while its still many snow outside :(
omg omg i love this song sooooo much <3 <3


2011 m. kovo 4 d., penktadienis


Today was cool day for me :) Nothing special but Im so happy today. After school i went to city center with friends and have drunk banana drama in coffee inn. mmm. Later went to art school. Had loooot laught !
sorry, i don't speak eanglish very well. I still have to learn a lot :>

2011 m. kovo 3 d., ketvirtadienis

a little wishlist

Hehe a very little but my wishlist. What I want now the most :)
leather jacket

all these awesome vans


nice colors

inlove :o

2011 m. kovo 2 d., trečiadienis


šiandien super nuobodus vakaras. Sėdžiu, geriu arbatą sau nuobodžiai, valgau šokoladą ir klausau visų man patinkančių dainų iš eilės. uhh. Namai tušti, nes šiandien mamos gimtadienis ir ji su draugėm teatre, o aš kadangi  sergu manęs niekur neėmė :< ne tas žodis kaip nuobodu jau visą savaitę sėdėt namie ir nieko neveikt :( Turbut keista kad šitam savo bloge rašau tai angliškai, tai lietuviškai.. nu bet taip gavosi :D net neįsivaizduoju ką dar galima parašyt, kai sugalvosiu papildysiu.
Įdedu dainą kurios šiuo metu klausau ^^ Myliu bitlus labai labai


wooohoo, yesterday i bought new sunglasses !!! love them a looot <333 !
yayy happy now. (price 23 lt)

wanna see my owl necklace? I bought them about week ago :) 

p.s.pictures are from my phone, so sorry for quality :\

kick ass movie

I saw kick ass about 5 times and this never bored. Awesome movie, cool comedy and full of action. so interesing and funny. That is one of the best movies i have ever seen :)
I hope someone likes it too !

2011 m. kovo 1 d., antradienis

another awesome weekend

thats pictures of me :))

that was awesome day with my best friend Karolina. Here she is:
 so, thanks her for all these photos :)) our weekends are  fantastic !
enjoy my favorite song right now

mad about lookbook

please visit my lookbook.nu :)

Hello friends

hello everybody !
thats my first post in blog. I'm Rūta, 13 years old girl from Lithuania. im sick and bored so I decided to creat a blog. Hope someone will like it :)